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Weekly Professional Studies

We place our trainees into geographically organised cohorts (2021-22 cohorts in Cobham, Leatherhead, Farnham, Reigate and Havant).  This is an excellent source of support and our trainees value the opportunity to meet with fellow trainees each week.

Professional Studies

Our training programme includes school-led training and weekly training sessions (predominantly in the autumn and spring terms) that teach key elements of subject knowledge and pedagogy.  Ofsted rated our training programme as ‘Outstanding’ and trainees rate the sessions very highly.

Sessions are delivered by a team of national experts, educational consultants, lead practitioners and primary educationalists. We enjoy strong links with The University of Roehampton who not only deliver PGCE training, but contribute to English and science training for all trainees.

Subjects include:

  • Pedagogy into practice - understanding curriculum for purpose
  • Behaviour management
  • National curriculum and planning
  • Assessment and effective feedback (including teacher wellbeing)
  • Core subject training in Maths, Science and English (pedagogy and subject knowledge)
  • Foundation subject training (History, Geography, Music, PE, Art and Design, Design and Technology and Computing)
  • Subject knowledge enhancement (spelling, grammar, punctuation and mathematics)
  • Systematic synthetic phonics
  • Self-care strategies for staff and children
  • PSHE
  • Religious education
  • Effective learning
  • How to gain employment - first posts
  • Special educational needs
  • Closing the gap for disadvantaged children
  • Early years foundation stage
  • Safeguarding, Fundamental British Values and the PREVENT agenda
  • Transition to Early Careers Framework and first year in teaching
  • Teaching children with English as an additional language (EAL)
  • Professional conduct
  • How to evidence meeting the Teachers' Standards

Additional training:

  • Subject knowledge enhancement (maths, spelling, grammar, punctuation)
  • Personalised coaching
  • Two days in a SEND school to consider barriers to learning
  • EAL experience
  • Maths mastery
  • Early years foundation stage additional sessions on planning, observing in EYFS, enabling environments and the role of the adult

What will we provide?

  • An Induction programme
  • Training plans to guide each step of the year – personalised to the needs of each trainee 
  • A gradual introduction to teaching – observation, small groups and co-teaching at first, building to planning and delivering whole lessons.  A steady increase of teaching across the year.
  • Personal and fully trained school-based mentor 
  • Appropriate and contrasting experience of two schools
  • A specific focus on phonics and early reading both through training and the opportunity to engage in teaching phonics regularly during the programme in more than one partner school
  • Strong focus on teaching mathematics, English and science through links with North East Hants and Surrey Maths Hub, The University of Roehampton, academic assignments and school visits
  • Opportunities to develop supportive and professional relationships with trainees in other partnership schools
  • Support from an external Support Tutor who visits regularly
  • Full time, dedicated Director of ITT,  Cohort Leads and a Programme Coordinator to answer questions and to provide pastoral support
  • Subject knowledge support and access to additional online training
  • Fully supported, functioning on-line learning platform for exchange of information
  • Access to a range of outstanding primary schools including the lead school, South Farnham
  • Support for each trainee throughout their application process to a first teaching post, either within the partnership or outside it

"Trainees join the programme with a wide range of experience and starting points so we recognise the importance of supporting all trainees to breakdown ‘what it is that makes a great teacher’. A team of national experts, lead practitioners and primary educationalists run weekly professional studies sessions in venues across Surrey."

(Partnership Headteacher)