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Which pathway is right for me?


Our primary and secondary programmes have children and young people's best interests at heart


Our secondary programme is designed to ensure the curriculum is ambitious and exceptional in quality.  It is carefully sequenced to ensure trainees have the foundational building blocks and understanding in place to enable them to be successful and highly effective teachers.  A highly skilled and dedicated cohort lead supports and guides trainee learning and development across the year. They form one part of an 'exceptional team around the trainee' (Ofsted) designed to ensure trainees receive a highly personalised programme and experience in line with individual needs. 

The carefully designed central curriculum is delivered through a weekly professional studies session. Trainees learn foundational knowledge, pedagogies and skills and engage with current research. Additionally, secondary trainees develop comprehensive subject knowledge and subject-specific teaching through Expert Subject Mentor training sessions. These two elements of the training programme ensures that all secondary trainees develop the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to plan and deliver highly effective lessons for all pupils, including those with additional needs and/or disabilities as well as those who speak English as an additional language (EAL).

Our secondary programmes are offered in the subjects listed below,  There is no limit to the number of trainees we can take in each subject, although not every partner school will be able to support a trainee in every subject listed.

The following subjects are offered in secondary - students aged 11 to 16 (course codes as listed on DfE Apply in brackets)

Art and Design (B276) English (N480) Physical Education - PE (A810)
Classics* (F482) Food Technology - DT (A990) Religious Education - RE (U521)
Computing (A594) Geography (V434) Science - Biology (Z945)
Dance (M287) History (K935) Science - Chemistry (V878)
Design and Technology - DT (A990) Maths (V843) Science - Physics (A500)
Drama (A926)) Modern Languages (N646) Music (L324)

Additionally, the following subjects are offered in secondary - students aged 14-19

Business studies (L534) Economics (H000) Social sciences (W461)

* Please note that training in Classics is limited and restricted by the availability of schools that offer this within their curriculum


All trainees on our secondary programmes have the experience of teaching across two key stages (KS3 and 4 or KS4 and 5) and across two contrasting school placements.

Modern Languages candidates will train in two languages (French, German/Spanish).  They must hold a degree in their main language and demonstrate knowledge of the second e.g. A Level GCSE or native speaker.

PE, Dance and Drama applicants will be expected to train in a second subject to increase their employability.  Applicants must hold an A level at grade C or above in a curriculum subject.