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Sabrina Hinchliffe - Head of Drama

I began my training on the SSF SCITT programme in 2014, having had some experience as an unqualified teacher. With passions for teaching Sport and Drama, the thought of teaching a plethora of academic lessons was daunting at first but everything about the course equipped me with what I needed in order to gain confidence, subject knowledge and the skills to become a successful practitioner.

The professional study sessions, tasks and assignments allowed me to explore an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of teaching and offered invaluable time with industry professionals and subject specialists. However, it was in the classroom that I really developed a love for my new career. The practical element of the course is a significant portion of this dynamic SCITT programme and it is this fast track into the classroom that really sets it apart from similar routes of study. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to observe, learn from and be inspired by accomplished teachers demonstrating outstanding practise, as well as the chance to teach independently early on.

Within my cohort of trainees, I found such a diverse group of colleagues who each brought something different to the table from their various walks of life.

Meet Sabrina Hinchliffe
(Head of Drama and Head of House)
Edgeborough School

I discovered that not only was I learning from the experienced and encouraging mentors and tutors but from my peers also. I felt incredibly supported by the open and sharing nature of the course and am thankful to have made some good friends along the way.

As an NQT I taught Year 1 at a state school before moving on to Edgeborough School in 2016 where I taught Year 4. I continue to teach at Edgeborough School and have been Head of Drama since 2017 and a Head of House since 2019. I am hugely grateful to all those on the Surrey South Farnham SCITT programme who helped me to develop my passion and prepared me for what I hope will be a long career in teaching.