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Next Steps

Preparing for Interview

Each provider will conduct their interviews and selection processes slightly differently.  

At South Farnham SCITT we understand that academic qualifications, while important, are not the only thing that makes an outstanding teacher.  They also need to be personable, passionate about teaching/teaching their subject and able to inspire and engage.  Could this be you?

Our interview and selection processes are designed to give you every opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics that will support you to become a fantastic teacher.

The interview and selection process with us will involve:

  • an informal discussion with the team helps us to get to know a little more about you.  Enabling us to personalise your journey, the training year and to select the right school for you
  • short teaching task of your choice 
  • a formal interview exploring your aspirations and skills

Interviews for primary places will take place at South Farnham School, Menin Way, Farnham. 

Interviews for secondary places will take place at George Abbot School, Woodruff Avenue, Guildford or Brighton Hill Community School, Brighton Way, Basingstoke.

Top tips for success

What can you do prior to your interview?

  • Confirm your attendance with the provider and confirm key details. Email will probably be the best form of communication with them.  Be mindful of using formal language to consistently convey a professional persona.
  •  Be sure that you understand what is being asked of you for the interview. Contact the provider to clarify anything you are unsure of so that you can arrive feeling confident.
  • Do your research - It sounds obvious but know what you are applying for.  The programmes and routes providers offer vary, be sure to know key information that you can refer to in the interview.
  • Background reading - you will feel more confident answering questions if you have some background knowledge. For example having an awareness of; the current themes/challenges in the education sector, safeguarding requirements, the Teachers' Standards will enable you to frame your answers.
  • Prepare some potential responses  - typical questions may explore why you want to teach, what you will bring to the profession, how you will manage workload and well-being.  Being aware of your strengths and areas for development may also be useful.
  • Plan your route  - allow plenty of time for travel to prevent feeling rushed and flustered. Consider doing a practice run so that you know where to go and where to park (some sites may be large or parking limited, you may need to walk some distance to), this will reduce your stress on the day.

What can you do on the day to stand out?

  • Make a note of any key staff names and know who to ask for on arrival. This will help to make a positive first impression.
  • Bring any required documents and supporting materials with you.
  • Dress to impress - Have your interview outfit ready the day before to reduce stress.  Be yourself and comfortable but consider professional clothing to create a positive first impression.
  • Try to answer questions as fully as you can.  If you need a question to be repeated or explained be honest, ask the interviewer to repeat or explain the parts of the question you need to be clarified. No one is trying to catch you out.
  • We are very much on show in interview situations from the initial point of contact right up to the receipt of the outcome.  Consider this during all your interactions (in person, virtually, on the phone and in writing). Try to be personable, attentive polite and professional.