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Our Programmes

Surrey South Farnham SCITT offers a variety of training routes – tuition fee (self-funded with the help of  student loans), salaried and postgraduate apprenticeship programmes (employment based programmes, supported by a school), a PGCE option (The University of Roehampton work with us to deliver this post-graduate qualification with 60 Master’s-level credits - available during the training year), primary with Maths and 'Assessment Only' for experienced unqualified teachers.

All routes lead to ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ (QTS).

What is School Direct?

School Direct is an innovative training route which allows you to balance professional studies and subject knowledge enhancement with on-the-job experience in two schools. There is an expectation of employment within our partnership of schools and our schools see the programme as the recruitment pool of choice!

You shouldn't worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll be part of a team from the very start and there is a very gradual approach that builds up to you delivering a lesson and then sequences of lessons. You will be assigned a personal school based mentor and an external support tutor will visit you regularly.

Once the course is completed there are opportunities to continue with your professional development and we will work with the South Farnham Teaching School network to offer outstanding support, training opportunities and our Alumni will help you to stay in touch. We have a range of courses available to support you as you progress from a newly qualified teacher to a middle or senior leader and even to Headship.

School Direct programmes are an important element of government strategy for training new teachers. There continues to be a significant growth in the number of places allocated through School Direct and we intend to stay at the forefront of this strategic direction for teacher training by increasing the number of trainees we recruit on a year by year basis. In 2018 we recruited a compliment of 115 trainees onto our apprenticeship, School Direct salaried and tuition fee programmes and intend to grow for 2019/20. There is a pressing need to recruit and train more teachers to meet the demand for new teachers in the coming years, particularly in the south-east region. We want you!

Aims of our school direct courses:

  • To train the best primary teachers in Surrey and the surrounding areas
  • To recruit teachers for schools in Surrey and the surrounding areas – you will be in demand!
  • To encourage full commitment from our partner schools with a let’s ‘grow and nurture our own’ philosophy
  • To exploit the potential of school led training and wealth of outstanding practitioners in partnership schools
  • To provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of the national curriculum, pedagogical approaches and educational theory and research and to demonstrate the impact of this work in your classroom and practice
  • Access to an outstanding team of national experts, lead practitioners and primary educationalists
  • To provide an option to gain a post-graduate qualification with 60 master’s-level credits
  • To provide opportunities for continued professional development after your training year through our Alumni

I felt like a member of the school team from day one. Being based in a host school from the very beginning of the course has enabled me to really immerse myself in the job. I have got to know the school and children really well….

Chris, trainee teacher

From day one you do feel like a teacher and you feel that you have just as much responsibility for the care and progress of the children as their class teacher. You become part of the school community. It is hugely valuable having that depth of experience before going on to getting your first job as a teacher. 

Jemma, trainee teacher

One huge benefit is that you start the school year in September and you follow those children and their class teacher the whole way through the year so you really feel part of those children’s lives and part of that class..

Headteacher 2016

I see the investment in hosting trainee teachers as vital… At the end of the day our partner schools have the best recruitment pool in the country.

Sir Andrew Carter, OBE – Head-teacher, South Farnham School

 Post-Graduate Teaching Apprenticeship

Surrey South Farnham SCITT is committed to offering this exciting new route into teaching. Please click here for more information.