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Our Programmes

As a primary provider all our programmes covers the 5 - 11 age phase and you will be assessed within either the 5 - 9 age range  (covering early years, key stage one and lower key stage two), 5 - 11 age range (covering key stages one and two) or 7 - 11 age range (covering key stage two).

South Farnham SCITT offers a variety of training programmes:

  1. Tuition fee - QTS only
  2. Tuition fee - QTS with PGCE 
  3. Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship 
  4. Assessment Only - for experienced unqualified teachers (two years or more in at least two schools) we can offer this for primary (5 - 11), middle (7 - 14) and secondary (11 - 18)

All routes lead to ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ (QTS)

What is School Direct?

School Direct training routes enable a balance of professional studies and subject knowledge enhancement with on-the-job experience in two schools.  There is an expectation of employment within our network of partnership of schools and our schools.  In fact, schools see our programme as the recruitment pool of choice!

School Direct means you will be part of the school team from the very start.  There is a gradual approach that enables trainees to learn the foundational knowledge, pedagogies and skills incrementally through the central curriculum.  Carefully planned school-based training provision enables trainees to deepen learning through observation, rehearsal, reflection and practical application in the classroom guided by expert practitioners and mentors. 

School Direct and postgraduate teaching apprenticeship programmes are a very important element of government strategy to meet the recruitment demand within schools in the coming years (particularly in the south-east).  We intend to stay at the forefront of this strategic direction  by increasing the number of trainees we recruit year-on-year basis.  In 2021, we recruited a compliment of 170 trainees to our apprenticeship and tuition fee programmes. 

We want you!

From day one you do feel like a teacher and you feel that you have just as much responsibility for the care and progress of the children as their class teacher. You become part of the school community. It is hugely valuable having that depth of experience before going on to getting your first job as a teacher. 

Jemma, trainee teacher

One huge benefit is that you start the school year in September and you follow those children and their class teacher the whole way through the year so you really feel part of those children’s lives and part of that class..


I see the investment in hosting trainee teachers as vital… At the end of the day our partner schools have the best recruitment pool in the country.

Sir Andrew Carter, KBE