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Newton Cohort

We have been asking mentors, support tutors and schools to nominate trainees they feel have been Super Heroes.

Read on to find out about Newton's Secret Super Heroes

Hannah Cole - Stoughton Infant and Nursery School

"Hannah volunteered at Stoughton when schools returned from lock down and before her placement began. She was instrumental in helping the children feel welcomed back at a very tricky time. She is very reflective and is always seeking to improve her teaching and do the best for the children. She is gaining experience in a class with a number of additional needs and is constantly thinking of how to make her lessons and environment more inclusive. 

On a number of occasions she has helped teach or guide children on the spot and continuously goes above and beyond. She applies her training to her practice and teaches us new things. She is consistently using her knowledge of retrieval practice to enhance our provision and challenge our learners."

J Hurley & R Arnell - Mentors

Nicole Gaskin - South Farnham School

"Nicki is a hero trainee because she is always so positive and brings cheer, enthusiasm and never ending support to everyone in the year team. She offers to help wherever and whenever she can and will do things which are far beyond the expectations of a trainee teacher. For example, she took it upon herself to reconstruct our Christmas play and then developed her skills in music editing to find and provide music suitable for our dance curriculum. On top of this, she has helped to kick start the year and narrow children's learning gaps through supporting classroom interventions as well as creating and organising weekly 'text detectives' (a pre-teach activity) for the whole year group, which the children love and teachers have seen huge benefits from."

A Fares - Mentor

Katrina Havelock - South Farnham School

"Katrina has made the most amazing start on her journey to becoming a teacher. As well as excelling across the board, she goes above and beyond to support the school.  South Farnham School has put together a whole school Christmas performance that was filmed last week so parents and children will be able to watch and enjoy together. Katrina was asked to step in and teach for three full days whilst I, along with the performing arts team, filmed the performances prepared by each year group. Of course this is above and beyond what we would expect of a trainee only 13 weeks in. She rose to the challenge, remaining calm and positive despite the increase in pressure. She has played a part in ensuring that the children at South Farnham still have the opportunity to take part in a Christmas performance during a pandemic."

L Mills - Mentor

 Paddy Flannery - Edgeborough School

"Not only has Paddy been a superb trainee so far, he is also dealing amazingly well with some very challenging times at home. His desire to do the best possible for the pupils in his care is incredible given the circumstances. Paddy has shown commitment, resilience and dedication throughout his training. He goes above and beyond expectation teaching full time, fulfilling a Boarding Tutor role, meeting his training deadlines and maintaining a wonderful sense of humour. Paddy is a huge bundle of positive energy which has helped our community recover from the COVID nightmare we are all going through.  He is a truly remarkable young man."

C Holder - Mentor & D Thornburn - Headmaster

Cheryl Martin - William Cobbett Primary School 

"Cheryl is an absolutely brilliant trainee who is completely unaware of just how brilliant she is. She has developed so much in the past 12 weeks, taking on board all advice given to her on a weekly basis . She has a fantastic drive and always wants the best out of the pupils. This passion for delivering the best comes across in all she does and she has built fantastic relationships with the children. Cheryl also works hard supporting me in class as well as across other year groups and our SEN centre, where she teaches once a week. She goes above and beyond to settle children returning with anxieties after COVID as well as ensuring all children, regardless of need, feel valued and safe. On top of all of this, Cheryl is a mother to 2 boys and sits on our Board of Governors."

D Wicksey - Mentor