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Learning Conversations

What is a Learning Conversation?

Learning conversations are a form of instructional coaching, which can be adapted depending on whether a more directive or facilitative approach is required.  They are one-to-one conversations that focus on the enhancement of learning through increasing self-awareness. A planned and systematic process supports the trainee to reflect on their practice, gain new knowledge and improve their teaching. Through analytical conversation, trainees and mentors work together to identify causes and effects as well as strategies to improve and alter practice. Initially, these conversations will be led by the mentor but over time, as the trainee gains experience and confidence, will become increasingly trainee-led.

Learning conversations are:

  1. Developmental not judgemental
  2. They focus on development and not grade
  3. They are about improving not proving
  4. They are done with and not to
  5. They are about being the best version of yourself
  6. They are about getting better, not being ‘good’
  7. They are about checking in, not checking up