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Learning Conversations

SSF SCITT encourage high quality dialogue following lesson observations - active dialogue that engages and guides the trainee to consider cause and effect statements and impact upon practice.

Learning conversations are a powerful coaching tool. Support Tutors will conduct a learning conversation with the trainee following their lesson observation and SSF will be training all mentors during 2020-2021 in how to incorporate regular learning conversations into school-based training opportunities.

What is a learning conversation?

This short training video outlines what a SFF SCITT learning conversation looks like and highlights why they are an effective tool to use when working with a new teacher:



Learning conversations are:

  1. Developmental not judgemental
  2. They focus on development and not grade
  3. They are about improving not proving
  4. They are done with and not to
  5. They are about being the best version of yourself
  6. They are about getting better, not being ‘good’
  7. They are about checking in, not checking up

The guide below (attached file) explains the SSF SCITT Learning Conversation in full detail.