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Hawking Cohort

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Daniel Burge - Meath Green Junior School

"Since September Daniel has worked in a class which has been badly affected by COVID. Self isolations had left the class numbers as low as 11 for quite some time. Daniel had been forced to isolate himself, then his class teacher had to isolate too. 

Despite this, Daniel managed to keep up to date with all observations, tasks and paperwork. As the school's go to 'I.T. guy' he has supported home learning provision and even oversaw the installation of a new electronic sign-in system. He could not possibly work any harder."

R Newell - Deputy Head

Annabel Lee - Dovers Green School

"Annabel oozes positivity, fun and hard work! Annabel brings the warmest smile everyday and is truly great to work with. During STEM week she brought her own knowledge of science from delivering science parties in the past to really enhance the provision by planning fantastic lessons for all of the early years to teach. She brought in her own equipment which added to the excitement of the lessons. She was a brilliant role model when teaching the lessons, sharing her subject knowledge and passion for science.

Annabel takes on board all feedback and reflects on her practice in a positive way. She listens, works hard and is a real asset to our team."

L Richens - Mentor

Julia Mumford - Powell Corderoy Primary School

"Julia has been updating her qualifications over the past two years to allow her to begin the SCITT programme, all whilst being a single mum to two teenagers. She has done everything asked of her, always keen to take on our advice on how to improve her practice, effectively working as a class TA while not teaching - she's covered lunchtimes, stepped in at the last minute to cover the class she's based in and thrown herself into everything at school. In the past few weeks she has dealt with self-isolating because her daughter caught COVID, with that period leading up to the day she was moving house. How does she do it, I have no idea..."

R Darke - Co-Head

Alice Tobin - St Martin's C of E Voluntary Aided Schools

"Alice has been such a positive, supportive light during these unprecedented times. She has offered and accepted cover, led teaching due to COVID, delivered interventions that have had a whole school impact including the planning of the recovery curriculum to support children nin Year 1 and 2. When the bubble closed Alice supported the children in her class remotely, taking on the home learning and interacting with parents constantly. 

From recent observations, it is fair to say that Alice has truly established herself in the classroom and her behaviour management is brilliant. She has quickly built rapport and embedded the fundamentals to learning in our classroom. She is positive, friendly, proactive and a team player."

A Hughes - Mentor

Tinuke Maiyegun - Park Hill Junior School

Tinuke has had a huge impact on her community during the Covid pandemic. Whilst keeping on top of the requirements of the programme and being a mum, Tinuke supports the community through outreach work with her church.

Not only does she donate to the foodbank, she also volunteers sorting and packing boxes for those in need. She volunteers by cooking and serving food to the homeless within the community. 

When free school meals for disadvantaged children was a highlight in the news, Her immediate thought was the welfare of these children and families within her school community and how she could offer to support.

R Twells - Support Tutor

Noah Alliston - Wray Common Primary School

"Noah runs an outreach football programme. He is so committed to supporting this opportunity for children in his area that he has rescheduled his time to ensure that he can keep doing this whilst managing his SCITT workload. I have been totally impressed by the way he has takes advantage of every opportunity given to him. He listens to feedback and acts upon every bit of advice to ensure he always makes good progress. Noah has additional personal circumstances which  require him to be resilient, his determination and positivity are astounding."

T Okuma