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End Point Assessment and Useful Links

Foundation Subjects


  • The national curriculum for computing provides schools with an exciting opportunity to reinvigorate teaching and learning in this important area of the curriculum. Computing At School have produced an outstanding guide for teachers - its is invaluable - a real MUST have. You can find this guide here. To find out more about Computing At School go to
  • Barefoot supports primary educators with the confidence, knowledge, skills and resources to teach computer science. Resources are aligned to the national curriculum - click here.
  • Here is a very  useful link to Simon Haughton’s website. This includes planning and resources for the entire Primary Computing Curriculum - click here

Design Technology

The Design and Technology Association (DATA) provide support for teachers and have introduced a package for NQTs. They have also produced a range of primary resources to support teachers implement the new D&T programmes of study including Projects on a Page, a scheme of work including 15 project planners. Click here.


  • The Historical Association produce outstanding resources of primary teachers. Ask your school if they have membership or consider joining yourself. Click here to find out more.
  • Find incredibly useful KS2 at a glance topic summaries here. All statutory and optional units are here and are perfect for all teachers, regardless of subject knowledge. Click here and download the pack.


  • Boomwhackers are an inexpensive and fabulous resource for teaching classroom music. Children produce sounds by tapping the tube and each tube is tuned to a specific pitch. There are several outstanding videos on YouTube and many teach the melodies on screen with a backing track. 'Musication' is a particularly good area on YouTube. Here are some great examples to try:;; or google 'one minute boomwhacker piece'.

  • BBC Teach 'Bring the Noise' has fantatstic EYFS and Primary music resources for you to use:

Religious Education

Our trainees thoroughly enjoy professional studies training with Rachel Boxer (Associate R.E. Consultant). The resources/links below are highly recommended for all Primary teachers.

  • The Agreed Syllabus for Surrey (including non-statutory support material and  some other useful documents)
  • The Guildford Diocesan Guidelines can be found here
  • The BBC website is a great teacher resource. The 'Bitesize' section is very useful, as are 'My Life, My Religion' clips.
  • RE Quest site - great for Christianity, especially gaining a good background knowledge of this core faith within the 'Agreed Syllabus'.
  • RE Online has lots of interesting information for teachers, especially in the ‘Knowing’ section.
  •  - Lots of good (and free) ideas for teaching Christianity. Especially good for story & drama.
  • - especially good for art. All paintings can be ‘zoomed’ into, and searched for using specific criterion e.g. crucifixion. Magi etc

The Education for Social Responsibility Curriculum (ESR)

This website (Plan Bee) has developed an entire primary curriculum for Education for Social Responsibility (ESR). Comprising three short schemes of work per Key Stage/Phase (KS1, Lower KS2, Upper KS2), the curriculum covers seven strands of learning:

  • Ethical Trading
  • Fulfilled Lives
  • Ecosystems
  • Climate Change
  • Water Scarcity
  • Biodiversity
  • Finite Planet

Each strand is revisited once per phase, ensuring children revisit themes and build upon their prior learning throughout their time in primary. The short, three-lesson schemes of work are ideal to fit into already busy school timetables, too.

The themes are explored in an age-appropriate fashion, ensuring not only that children can develop a realistic understanding of both the problems they and others inheriting the planet face, but develop a clear idea of what they can do about it.  Click here. 

PSHE, Mindfulness and Mental Health

Click here to access a 'talking mental health' animation and teacher toolkit. Talking mental health aims to give children an understanding of what mental health is and the difference between every day small feelings and a big feeling. It considers consistent and accessible language to talk about mental health and an understanding of how to be a good listener.

  • Anti-bullying. Using the stunning back drop of The Devils Punchbowl, Hindhead, Surrey, a group of 30 children from seven different Independent and State Schools worked collaboratively to produce a highly emotional performance of Christina Aguilera’s ‘Beautiful’ song. The brainchild of Amesbury School’s Head of Performing Arts, Mark Reynolds, the film was designed to emphasise the importance of standing together, as a community, against bullying. For this reason, a wide selection of schools were involved. Sadly, bullying isn’t isolated just in school life. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. The children involved in making the film have been chosen for one very important reason only – they are all exceptionally kind and caring people who are proud to make a stance again bullying. Please click here to watch this incredible video.

  • Mindfulness and self-care strategies are an important aspect of working within a school. There is a resources pack (put together by our facilitator Stuart Robertson) for schools at the bottom of this webpage. The pack has been compiled under the headings 'knowledge', 'understanding' and 'practical implementation'. Scroll down to download this.

  • Sarah Lyles has created a link to a wealth of PSHE material for Surrey Healthy Schools. You can find links to the National Curriculum for PSHE KS1 and KS2, PSHE Association programme of study, QCA units, PSHE Surrey guidance... Pretty much everything you need to know about teaching PSHE is here (click here).