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Equivalency Testing

Candidates are required to achieve a standard equivalent to a grade 4  or above (grade C or above) in the GCSE examinations in English, mathematics and science before they can start the programme. 


If you have not got these qualifications, there are two options:

  • If you are not confident with your abilities in the subject, you can take classes, at a local AEI (Adult Education Institute) over the course of a year, and then sit a GCSE examination at the end of it. 
  • If you are confident that, with current knowledge and/or private revision/tutoring of your own, you would be able to pass a one-off test (an officially recognised exam, prepared and externally assessed by a freelance equivalency testing service), then you can approach this body. SSF recommend:

Equivalency Testing (for careers in teaching)
72 Walton Gardens
CM13 1EP

Tel : 01277 203336

They offer two options – a 12 week home study course culminating in the test, or a straightforward one-off exam. Please telephone them direct or visit their website for full details. All arrangements for testing are made directly between the applicant and the testing service, not through ourselves.

They say that you will have the results within 48 hours for Maths and Science and within 3 to 4 days for English, which allows the flexibility to sit these tests.

Please note that the result of this test may be considered by some institutions as non-transferable. It is not the same as a GCSE paper, but is considered equivalent for the purpose of a teacher training application.