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Daniel Strachan - Year Lead

I began my career in education as a teaching assistant in a year 5 class. I believed it would offer a good opportunity to absorb the ethos and expectations of the school in which I wanted to work. I know wholeheartedly that following in the shadow of an experienced teacher for a year only bolstered my understanding of how to deliver a broad, balanced and creative curriculum. Not to mention the fact that I was able to experience and learn many of the teaching standards personally and incorporate them into the next year.

I transferred onto the SCITT course feeling confident with the experience I’d already gathered. My confidence maintained throughout the course of this year as, with any concern or query, the staff of the SSF SCITT programme were strong in their support and reassurance. 

Since qualifying, I have spent two years in lower Key Stage 2 and I’m currently a Year Lead. Considering my previous experience and education in classics, I sought and gained the responsibility of History Co-ordinator and endeavour to win a gold award for South Farnham School from the Historical Association; the ‘Gold’ Primary History Quality Mark. Furthermore this year, I intend to enrol on the middle leadership course in preparation for the next step in my career – sky’s the limit!

Daniel Strachan
Year Leader and History Co-ordinator (South Farnham School)

As I’m sure anyone in this sector will tell you, the children come first and foremost in anything you do. It begins from the point of welcoming them into the classroom – their constant environment – with a smile on your face, inciting the same in return and a spring in their step. Providing the sort of nurturing environment, one in which they yearn to be, is integral to the privilege of the job and moulding the minds of these children is a pleasure. I love the fact that a new day brings new challenges, new hurdles, as well as new expectations and sharing these days with the children really does make this job one of the best in the world.