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Curie Cohort

We have been asking mentors, support tutors and schools to nominate trainees they feel have been Super Heroes.

Read on to find out more about Curie's Secret Super Hero trainees

Libby Walters - Walton-on-the-Hill Primary School

"Apart from being an extremely skilled practitioner already, Libby has repeatedly shown kindness and compassion to the class, particularly as there have been a number of emotional and personal issues which have arisen since our return to school in September. Libby has taken it upon herself to fully engage with the pastoral side of a teacher's role. She has spent a lot of her own time talking with children who are having difficulties and being a support to them. Using her observation notes, she has fed back to me as a class teacher about children who seem not themselves and suggested some really good strategies for supporting them. She greets each and every member of the class every morning and is quick to pass on information about children who she believes are not their normal selves. I have never asked her to do this role, but her input has been invaluable during a very tricky term."

S Matthews - Mentor

Sally Mockler - Meadow Primary School

"Sally always goes above and beyond, with her Year 3 bubble closing, Sally supported her team in the planning and organisation of setting up Teams meetings to provide a high standard of online home learning for the children. Sally taught herself very quickly to use Teams - facing the fear and doing it anyway! Sally also planned, set up and taught phonics sessions to identified children, who already needed extra support from the summer, to ensure they did not fall further behind.

Sally's professionalism and dedication to the children learning from home has been outstanding and Sally is a huge asset to her year group"

S Levers - Deputy Head

Chelsea Shorrock - Furzefield Primary School

"Chelsea started the year strongly and had spent the summer reading from the reading list.

In early October her younger brother was involved in a serious car accident in Liverpool and was placed in an induced coma. Obviously, she wanted to be with her family but went to school to talk to the team before heading home. Her brother had surgery and is on the way to recovery but he was very poorly. Chelsea was due to return after half term but was then admitted to hospital for planned surgery sooner than expected. When she returned to school we thought she would probably have to start from the very beginning again. No, Throughout all of this Chelsea had only missed two training days and had scrutinised the slides from these. She kept up with reading and submitted tasks on time. She had continued to update training plans and had been in touch with experienced teachers to rearrange observations. The only gaps were her observations of experienced teachers and teaching time for herself. When we had her first mentor meeting it was clear how organised and ready to continue she was. To have missed so much and then have a very successful observation two days after returning was great!

On top of this Chelsea's grandmother sadly passed away and she had to return to Liverpool once more. It has been such a tricky time for her but she continued to form wonderful relationships with the children and is a valuable member of the school team. She has shown how organised and keen to succeed she is. These past few weeks could have set her back so far, but she has bounced back brilliantly"

G Wightman - Mentor

Ilayda Barker - Wallace Fields Infant School

"Llayda has been a positive, proactive and hard working trainee. She has been responsible for interventions across our reception classes. One of these interventions is for name writing. Because of her dedication, encouraging nature and ability to adapt to suit individual need, all children in reception are now able to write their own name. This is a massive achievement as it is something that would normally take children much longer."

A Langley - Mentor

Esme Holmes - Wallace Fields Infant School

"Esme has proven to be a real asset to our school in the last 12 weeks. She has been running a maths catch-up after school group as part of our post-COVID recovery. This has had a huge impact on the children's maths fluency skills and they are now able to access the Year 2 curriculum  with greater confidence."

A Langley - Mentor​​​​​​​