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End Point Assessment and Useful Links

Adaptive Teaching

Blogs, Articles and Podcasts

  • Whole School SEND have a What Works? page on their website, whose resources include ‘what works’ in respect of interventions and strategies to support children and young people with special educational needs, but they also include processes and resources to support identification, monitoring and planning for children and young people.
  • Blog: Scaffolding v. Differentiation (Mark Anderson). Scaffolding and differentiation are both words frequently thrown around in schools, often interchangeably and without precision. But there’s a clear distinction between the two.
  • Blog: Moving from Differentiation to Adaptive Teaching (EEF). The term ‚Äč‘adaptive teaching’ resets our expectations about what it means to differentiate, and it offers a more helpful and practical model.
  • Blog: Cognitive Load Theory with SEND Students (Inner Drive). Managing students’ cognitive load is an important challenge that needs careful consideration. When we ask too much of students’ limited working memory, learning slows down and can even stop This may be particularly true for SEND students.
  • Podcast: SEND (Cassie Young). This podcast explores how to provide the highest quality education for pupils with SEND in a mainstream


  • Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools (EEF, 2020)
  • SEND Code of Practice Mini Guide (NASEN, 2015)